Greetings beloveds we have a beautiful chance to really ground the energies we have been receiving. The 7/7 portal is here and ready for us to awaken to these high-frequency energies. This is our soul star calling us to manifest amazing things, we are being called upon to start creating and calling in our gifts. How Sirius/serious are we?? We thought we were just playing with the energy respectfully of course but who knew we were being prepared for this hour. I’m having crazy dreams and I know that they mean something. So let’s see if we are really ready to do some magick, we will be doing a meditation tmrw 7/7 at 11am and 11pm UK time to raise the vibration of this realm. With all the weather, plandemic, and whatever else is going this portal will be felt by a lot of us in different ways. Let’s start to vibrate in the love frequency of Star Sirius and shine just as bright 💫💫💫👑👑👑🥁🥁🥁

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