Call to action!

Right now we have world leaders going onto mainstream tel-lie-vision talking about sacrificing goats (they call our children KIDS are we awake now) they are openly telling us that they are sacrificing goats/kids to the god of wind. This is now the age of Aquarius which is the wind sign, WTF! do they think we are that stupid? The answer is yes, they (dark-side scum of the earth) have been forced out into the open and they are telling us that they do ritual sacrifice. Those of us which have chosen to do the work can fully see what is taking place, its biblical and Gaia is now fighting back hard! 

This Tuesday 26th October 2021at 7pm GMT I will be holding a guided group meditation for the spirit of the wind, this meditation will be held here on in the meditation room and on telegram group, a timer will be on the telegram group which gives a count down to the gathering so please check there for more info. We will be focusing on our breath and the spirit of the wind everyone is welcome and this is why we are here. We Are the Ones!

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Much Love – Shaleena MoonStar xxx