Greetings beautiful soul family 🦄💫👑
Happy strawberry full moon
This week has been full-on with the energies at the beginning we had the summer solstice which brings the call of summer also the Schuman resonance chart has been showing us who is really in control. We have been feeling the pressure a lot of us have had headaches, low energy to do anything and we have had to take time to rest ourselves which is also a time to dream and wish. Then we end the week with the beautiful strawberry moon in Capricorn. The message from this moon is to start dreaming and wishing big so big it will even surprise you, start small and then create something mind-blowing. I feel excitement and change coming. Let us start talking to each other more and share ideas when we share with others that get our vibe then magik happens. Feel the buzz I know it’s strange times but remember we are still like children and we can still get excited when we hear the sound of the ice-cream truck….. I just heard mine 🤣🤣🤣.
Much love
This message is gifted with love🦄🌈💜
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