Greetings beautiful soul family 🦄💫👑
Happy Monday the message is to shine as bright as the stars and Source has a lot to share with us in these times. The cards were flying out while shuffling which is showing me that there’s a lot of messages for everyone if they choose to listen. We have The judgment card, the magician, and also 7 of pentacles. Let start making some magic invite your inner child to help you create the inner child has no boundaries. Judgment is an inner thing you are your strongest critic and sometimes this will dull your shine but remember it’s part of the program we have been fed for generations and it’s time to break that habit and move forward. If you need help breaking the program I’m here to guide and I have some great techniques too. 7 of pentacles is about our finances and once we start creating, blocks start to be removed and things start to flow. Consistency with deprogramming is the key💚
The Star is showing us hope for the future we may have some setbacks but we just keep going we can do this. The Stars shines every night and we can use that energy and shine during the day. We can do this💪🏾🥁👑💫

The frequency of this realm has got very intense and we are feeling it in all aspects of life right now, on Saturday 26/6 there was a huge protest in London which also included a meditation so we have sent out a meditation on telegram to join the frequency and raise the vibes. This meditation will take place every Saturday at 5.30 pm UK time if you are able to join the meditation from where you are that would be brilliant if not then meditate on the intention at any time. All information is on our telegram group:
Much love
This message is gifted with love🦄🌈💜
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