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‘When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace’ Jimi Hendrix
We are living in a transitioning world, where there are many uncertainties. Time is speeding up and many people are sensing great shifts in Mother Earth’s vibrational frequencies. This card serves as a guide to assist you through the changes within your energy body, as Gaia moves through her own spiritual evolution.
As the paradigms of the old world pass and the beginnings of the new world emerges, the clash between the planetary mind and heart can be felt. Resistance to move forward and merge with the peace and harmony of the heart can bring forth fear and controlling forces that create disharmony and the lure of illusionary distractions that target the mind.
Dear one, just as Mother Earth makes her transitional journey into the heart, so too do you move through these changes. If your mind is distracting you from moving forward with your heart, it is time to make a choice: heart or mind. There will come a time when both your mind and heart will coexist and work together as one. However, to get there one must first surrender in entirety to the inner stirrings of the heart.
When you follow your heart, without the restraints of the mind you align your energy with love that individually and collectively transforms the world in unity and peace.
Affirmation – When I follow my heart, I AM open, willing and courageous in all that I do.
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