Quantum Healing Rods


Level 1

Excellent for those with high blood pressure and also as a means of effective (rapid) recovery after stress and improvement of sleep patterns and effectively restores the nervous system. To get maximum benefit these Quantum Healing Rods should be used regularly for a longer-lasting effect.

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Quantum Healing Rods are a beautiful addition to your meditation practice. The pair work together to bring peace and balance to the nervous system. The ancient Egyptians held these wands in their hands, copper in the right, zinc in the left facing the sun. They used these tools to balance, harmonize, ground the body and there’s more to these Quantum Healing Rods to be discovered. Every journey with these rods is unique.

Star Healing Centre provides a course to accompany these Quantum Healing Rods and we can discover the benefits together in the guided sessions. The course was created to help guide the user, answer any questions, and hold space. Star Healing Centre is a place where we create meditation tools get ready to fly and enjoy another way of meditation.

Shaleena MoonStar has have been using the Quantum Healing Rods for years now we are still amazed every time of the results.  Everyone who has tried these wands has had a different experience and loved them.
Due to high demand, these beauties are now on sale. Quantum Healing Rods are hand-made with love and are charged in a 6ft pyramid for 12 days hence the length of time for the delivery.

Currently, we supply 3 levels of Frequency Alchemy Wands:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


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