Greetings beautiful soul family 🦄💫👑
Muse of emotions.
‘Compassion, joy, the freedom to feel all the emotions as a way to self-discovery, transcendent states of bliss, meditation, inner calm and knowing, being totally in touch with your desires and with balanced and peaceful emotions, avoiding moodiness. Rinsing the shadow.’
Hear the call.
As she blows her horn into the flowing water let her cleanse your aura with her beautiful sound and frequency. We use water for everything and we have water as part of our vessel. If we don’t drink water we get sick, water loves frequency too let’s send love to our water. Every time we drink water we should give thanks as this changes the structure of it and when we drink the water it raises our vibe too. 💪🏾💛👑
Much love
This message is gifted with love🦄🌈💜
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