Greetings beautiful soul family 🦄💫👑
Happy New Moon. Expect powerful change.
A new moon brings new beginnings and I know we have all been asking for change, with the Star Sirius portal open right now we have a chance to call in the freedom that it brings. We will need to start to stand up for ourselves now because the time is here for us to really rise and have courage because we are the ones we have been waiting for. No one is coming to save us we have to save ourselves. People have made some really stupid decisions lately and have forgotten about their soul purpose or have they….. this is the time for us to rise together with our children and stand up for our freedom and our sovereignty. We are being pushed to look at ourselves, look into our own eyes what do you see?? I see love and warrior in myself. We have cried, shouted, walked, and now it’s time to get mad and so no more of this old stuff. Do we want our story told correctly what happened to our ancestors while they were in this realm? What happened to our old buildings and free electricity? What happened to our flying cars and healing technologies? Wtf happened why we are in this mess. We say no more! We are demanding new beginnings. We see the violet flame of freedom behind the moon in this picture we can use this energy to ignite and wake up more Lions…. the sheep (they don’t like being called sheep but sorry that’s what it says they are unless they open their 3rd eye) have a small window of time left to catch up or do they?? Anyway beautiful Lions we hear the call of freedom and this new moon in cancer maybe be the one let us see…
Much love
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This message is gifted with love🦄🌈💜
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