Grand Sun Rising!!

New features and functionality on

Site Version 0.3 (All features of site will be available once version reaches 1.0)

– Telegram Daily Moonstar Channel and Website are now connected via aneelahs_bot
(This means that posts this website submits will automatically post to Daily Moonstar. If you are reading this message on Telegram Channel – that means that this update is functioning properly.)

– Added Chat Room / User List to all main sidebar pages (Global setting)

– Added Front End Member system for easier login directly from Sidebar.

– Added member menu item (Click on “Accounts” under this menu to update your profile pic, see your site activity and much more.

– Added a subscription system.  This will soon be implemented for access to premium content provided by spiritual guru Shaleena Moonstar.

–  Added ability for Profile to include custom images (instead of gravitar default)

– Added ability for user to private message another use
–  Fixed several minor appearance issues in Design & Layout.

–  Added Login / Registration option to main menu

COMING NEXT: Weekly Reading / Live Streaming (Powered by

Instructions for accessing member features:

1. Signup for a free member account by pressing “Registration” in the top menu or on the side bar to the right — or — use the Telegram Connection option on Sidebar to connect this website to your telegram for account login / access.

2. Click on “Account” in main menu.  Here you will see tabs where you can see the features of your account, subscriptions you activate, and the ability to edit your previous submitted settings.

You MUST sign up for free account for the ability to comment on posts or to access member only content. Some features of this website are paid services (such as “Spirit Guidance”) and will allow you to book an appointment directly with Shaleena Moonstar (subject to availability). For updates keep an eye on this website and / or the Daily Moonstar channel on Telegram.