Greetings beautiful beloveds, this deck has been calling for a few hours, I finally took them out of the box and started shuffling, immediately this card flew out and the synchronicities have been so intense we were just having a conversation around this subject. Everything is being exposed and the next few weeks will feel like we have been tricked and we have but do not worry remember we are love and love has won. Also remember love is not always rose petals that is the fantasy we have been sold, truth is love and sometimes the truth is not nice, its like medicine the worst tasting medicine is always the best for us. We are also repairing our DNA and upgrading ourselves along with this beautiful realm. Gaia is going through some massive changes and rearranging so imagine what is going within our bodies. The ego has been ruling this realm and now its time for us to embrace the ego and start talking to the ego and reassuring the ego that its OK to relax now. A healthy ego is a great help in our time of need, what is required now is love and peace for the ego. This message was amazing thank you spirit.


‘Darkness the the absence of light. Ego is the absence of awareness’ Osho

Stay conscious, dear one, of the energy you feed within you, and be discerning of the false gods within others too. The ego often hides behind strong opinions that appear to be true. Aligning yourself with the god/goddess energy within is aligning yourself with truth, unconditional love and compassion. you can tell if another is coming from the place of the ego or by truth by the fruits of their tree. Good trees bear good fruit that inspire, peace and oneness through love. This light does not come from a place of judgment, separation and condemnation; nor does it use the energy of fear to control. Through the wisdom of your heart may you always be guided by the light of truth.

Affirmation – Embrace the garden within me with loving kindness, I feed the divine light within me with love. By Nari Anastarsia.

Much Love – Shaleena MoonStar

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