Beautiful soul family I would like to say thank you all for registering, listening and your support in these turbulent times. Ive had many people say in the last few days that what is happening seems biblical…. I say it is of massive proportions. Gaia is in up roar at the moment showing her children what happens when fast life is chosen over looking after Gaia and her living creatures. Last year adults were so preoccupied with breathing that they forgot about the little ones, animals were bought during the look-down and now that everything is back open again these little ones are being abandoned even in Las Palmas were the volcanoes has been very active the humans got evacuated and left their animals behind. This is very sad and Gaia feels when we humans ignore the little ones. We have let the the elderly live in homes cared for by paid staff instead of learning how to care for the elder they have been thrown in the homes (this coming from a western perspective). We ask when will this stop? When we stop! We had the opportunity to go within and start to learn again which a lot of us are now doing.

Remember the little ones and the elders during these times. Gaia is making her transition with or without us and she will always win. Let love guide us.

Much Love – Shaleena MoonStar xxx