Question: Will the FDA tell the truth about the C19 jab. 

3 of Cups

Asking spirit these questions are different for me I usually stay away from this when speaking with spirit but this time we thought lets do it with all the exposures coming out. There is no time span for this question but it will be the outcome that we would like. 

The people of this realm have had enough and collectively we are shifting and moving the dark energies, they are fighting back hard and the think they have won but they haven’t. They are trying to escape us but they cant hide anymore, we are everywhere and we are getting louder and louder until the emperor has been striped of his clothes. The testicles of this beast is everywhere and we are removing and cutting the cords that went very deep everyday.  Some of us are getting caught in dark things, would you let a stranger in your house, let them take a bath and sleep in your bed without even introducing themselves? No you would not and its the same with the spirit realm and right now these lost dark spirits are looking for hosts that will just let them in without invitation. Remember vampires do not enter the house uninvited that should tell you something. 

Staying focused on the things that important to you right now is key and keeping the vibes high beautiful people. We are breaking generational chains beloveds.

Thank you spirit for the amazing guidance during these extraordinary days.
Much Love 🌙💫
This message is gifted with love
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