Greetings beautiful beloveds 👑,

Magician – Alchemy

‘When I am in alignment with Spirits will, miracles are possible. When I see this card, I’m reminded that my will and skill alone will yield limited results. When I remember my partnership with Spirit, all is well, I’m required to explore my commitment to this co-creative alchemical relationship and see the results manifest beautifully. Through me, Spirit works magic’

Life as we know it has been interrupted… everyone everywhere is feeling the interruption… how does that make you feel right now in this moment? Will you allow this to continue? what can we do? Have we been intercepted? All these questions and where are the answers? Right here were they have always been, we are the most powerful creators ever created and we are so powerful we allowed ourselves to be corrupted but we had a veil put over us and it was up to us find our way home back to our heart. We have powerful full moon in Aries this week which brings some heat to situations. we can either toast our marshmallows sitting by the fire (rest) or we could keep running towards the flames flapping around creating more fire (doing the same thing over and over again). We like to toast or marshmallows by the fire and stay peaceful. Going within is all we can do for this moment and learn as much as we can about the lost knowledge. Enjoy the rest and if we find it hard to rest then listen to some chilled frequencies and look after yourself how you look after your loved one. Having fun and listening to the wind helps embrace the inner child work. Change is actually very good for us to grow and I have been learning new programs on the computer which is blowing my mind because I have been stuck in microsoft word world from the beginning now I am learning Linux which is surprisingly easier than the gates version and also how to record myself and being confident to be in front of the camera. Check out show Medicine Women Discussions our new round table discussion with 2 beautiful soul sisters on my you tube channel.



Much Love 🌙💫

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