Greetings beloveds 👑
‘The higher your vibration, the more light you hold’ anonymous
Dear one, your vibrational state is what determines your way of life. Whether it is low or high, you attract vibrational frequencies that match your state of being.
Remember your vibration is influenced by your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and how well you take care of your soul’s vessel. When you are in alignment with you soul, you are continually nourished by Spirit and life flows with ease and harmony.
Affirmation: I AM a vibrational magnet for prosperity, blessings, great health and abundance in all areas of my life.
These cards are so lovely the Affirmation is so on point for this moment in time. Blue Massiah cards.
Thank you spirit for the amazing guidance during these extraordinary days.
Much Love 🌙💫

This message is gifted with love🦄🌈💜
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