Greetings beautiful soul family 🦄💫👑
Your guardian angel brought this card to you to say, ‘let go and I will walk with you and help you spread your wings so that you might fly higher than ever before!’ While this card signals endings, it leads the way to new beginnings. It asks you to stop resisting the necessary change that will make you a more alive and fully vibrant human angel on earth. When experiences no longer serve your higher good, it’s time to “let go and let God”.
I haven’t used these cards for a long time and this card just jumped out before I could finish the question. This may not resonate for some and that’s fine. We are having a beautiful human experience at the moment and remember we did choose to be here at this time and it’s up to the individual if they are listening to their divine plan or not. ‘Lets play’ are the words I’m hearing…. lighten up and ride the beautiful wave of chaos because we are love and love has won🏆
Much love
This message is gifted with love🦄🌈💜
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