Greetings beautiful soul family 🦄💫👑

Blue flame

Initiation of the blue flame connects us to our true divine nature and helps us to share that light of love with the world.
Dear one, it is time to take that next step and walk through the initiation and purification of the blue flame. You have passed many tests and have already gained many valuable lessons and insights. The gift of the blue flame is now upon you and it is your choice whether to embrace this light or not.

Embracing the light of the blue flame is always consciously choosing to walk in truth and integrity, to lead by example, love unconditionally and to be of service without judgement.
Do you choose to walk in truth and integrity in all that you do?
Will you lead by example by shinning your own magnificent light?
Affirmation: I AM ready to walk my truth, live with integrity and shine my amazing light, always.

Much love
This message is gifted with love🦄🌈💜
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