Emerald egg of life and light

This is the egg of the Bennu laid on golden flames perfumed with myrrh. The Bennu, heron like bird appears from Arabia every 500 years. Like the Phoenix, she is transformational, but while the Phoenix tells of new challenges leading to a form of rebirth in your daily life, the Bennu relates to alchemy of the soul itself. For over 4000 years, myrrh has been associated with spiritual development. Egg and myrrh can help you to dissolve heart and spiritual blocks. 

Imagine you hold the egg within you. its emerald fire, linked to mystical powers of Nature and sun, starts off a process of transcendence through your heart, creating a column of emerald light that extends vertically through your body. You can choose to direct the energy flow either or both ways. If you send energy down with love to heal Mother Earth’s heart she will return magnified emerald rays of healing light to free, illuminate and expand your own heart. Direct the flow up through the crown, instead, and you are choosing to set aside the lesser ego to send healing to all that is. When your head, heart and soul make this transition and re-connect your spiritual consciousness unfurls like an exploding emerald egg of life and light. 

The message is loud and clear thank you spirit, I have been guided to use the green and gold healing light this week and these cards confirmed that we are on the right path. Light is an amazing healer and we have been given these gifts to heal ourselves. God speed and swords up.

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Much love Shaleena Moonstar

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