Quantum healing rods

Quantum healing rods are based on the wands of Ra which were first used by the people of Atlantis then were re-discovered by the Egyptians. Quantum healing rods were used by the priests and pharaohs to enhance the human biofield (aura), gain information from within our human DNA, provide healing, and much more. Quantum Healing Rods technologies have been severely suppressed due to the power they hold, each set contains different combinations of crystals fillings and charged in a pyramid for 12 days. The different levels of Quantum healing rods are unique to the individual and depending on the outcome of what you want to achieve. To enhance the journey even more it’s best to use healing frequencies and these will be provided on purchase. Some of the Quantum healing rods are not suitable for people with heart conditions and a consultation is recommended

The pair work together to bring peace and balance to the nervous system. The ancient Egyptians held these wands in their hands, copper in the right, zinc in the left, and faced the sun. They used these tools to rebalance your DNA, ground the body, and much more.

The Quantum Healing Rods are available to buy NOW.

Get ready to fly and enjoy another way of meditation